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The following article appeared in
Fullerton News Tribune
on March 29, 2001


‘THE TRUCK STOP’ provides accessories of all kinds


     Bob and Turi Daniels are used to switching gears in the automobile accessory industry.
     From the get-go, the couple has realized the public is fickle when it comes to buying cars.  For example, van conversions slumped when the sports utility vehicles invaded the scene from
     “We were constantly adjusting our inventory, finally settling on pickup and SUV accessories,” Bob Daniels said.
     Five years ago, the pair – who own The Truck Stop at 1889 W. Commonwealth Ave. – shifted into other markets: restoration vehicles and street rods.  Concurrently, they became perhaps the only manufacturers and distributors of seatbelts for classic autos in the Orange County area.
     “The vehicle code says seatbelts aren’t required for cars older than 1963 or trucks built before 1971,” said Bob, sporting a “buckle up” insignia on his sportshirt.

     “But people are so safety-conscious now, they want to feel safe in all cars.  Plus, seatbelts are required for children riding in the older automobiles.”

     “We’re installing these belts in everything from 1957 Chevy Nomads to 1940s Willys pick-ups,” he added.

     In their niche market, the Daniels ship worldwide.  Orders include retractable three-point systems for seats and shoulders, nostalgic aircraft style buckles, push button buckles, retractable lap belt systems and pre-designed kits.

     The showroom displays also boast custom grilles, running boards, side steps, shields and trailer hitches.


     Bob’s passion for cars started at Paramount High School in the Sixties when he cruised Bellflower Boulevard with the D’Argents Car Club.

     “I had two record players on springs under the dash in my 1960 Pontiac Catalina,” Bob, 53, remembered.  “Ike and Tina Turner would blare from the Vibrasonic System.”

     Turi, 51, who spent her high school years in Pomona, watched car action from the sidelines when her dad repaired the family vehicle.

    She met Bob when he was a manufacturer’s sales represen-tative making calls where she was a receptionist.  The couple has been married for 25 years.

     Since purchasing the business in 1984 from Earl Belk, the Daniels’ have worked side-by-side five days a week.

     “People continue to ask how we can stand to be together every day,” Turi conceded.  “I just tell them we drive separate cars to and from work from Huntington Beach and that’s our time to be alone.”

     On weekends, Bob hits the golf links and checks out car shows while Turi works as an associate registrar for USA Hockey.  Her interest in ice hockey stems from her son’s playing days.

     “When he quit to go to college in Chicago, I just stayed in,” she said.  “I’m the one who checks that players and teams are registered correctly.”

     But when Tuesday morning rolls around, Turi’s back at the shop, handling the bookkeeping, rolling the seatbelts and, at times, ratcheting in belts.

   “We have a good business,” Bob said.  “But it did hurt when Hunt-Wesson and Hughes shut down.  There were a lot of car buffs there.”

The Truck Stop - Specialty Conversions, 1889 W Commonwealth Ave - B, Fullerton, CA 92833
Phone: (714) 870 - 7920  FAX: (714) 870 - 5715  email: info@buckle-up.net